Puppy Shower!

We’re sure you all could guess that with 7 new dogs (6 of which are eating, sleeping & pooping machines) we desperately need supplies for Nala and her babies! Our top 5 needs are food, puppy pads, cleaning supplies, crates (for Nala too), and puppy chew toys.

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So, if you have a couple spare bucks & want to do participate in our Puppy Shower, just click here.  Our puppies and their mommy will truly appreciate it (not to mention their foster families!).  Fun toys, lots of playtime creates sleepy puppies!

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All supplies are being delivered directly to the foster homes, and Amazon is freaky fast in their delivery, so our family will get your donated gifts ASAP!

Thank you!!

Meet Our New Family!

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that our little rescue has doubled is size and has been super busy!

On April 27th, we were thankfully able to save one beautiful momma dog, Nala, and her six babies.  Nala was a very organized mommy and had two black/white puppies, two white/brown brindle puppies and two blue/white puppies; with a male and female of each color!

We are desperately looking for a long term foster or forever home for Nala within the next few weeks and foster or forever homes for Belle and Buster, and Hannah and Huck.  If you are interested, please complete our Adoption Application and we’ll give you a call.

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Momma Nala                                              Maisie & Ziggy

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Belle                                                             Buster


18280121_10209182649704414_969657247_n             18280709_10209182656984596_1521309188_n

Huck                                                             Hannah

We are hosting a Puppy Shower on our main Facebook page, so join in on the fun!   There’s nothing more rewarding than gifting a toy to a puppy, right?  Or if you would like to donate a few bucks toward this Family’s Care, we would greatly appreciate it!  You can also use Paypal to donate by using this address: donate@midwestrescue.org.

We’re super excited about our new additions, all seven of them!

Midwest Rescue of Illinois, Inc. Apparel

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Volunteer. Foster. Adopt. Give.

Midwest Rescue of Illinois, Inc is a small group of caring individuals who are determined to make a positive impact in the lives of pit bulls. We are a volunteer run and foster based rescue.

Volunteer run? Yes, we are all volunteers of Midwest Rescue. The board members and volunteers are not paid; each individual that supports Midwest Rescue also has a full-time job. We do this in our free time because we care.

Want to volunteer? GREAT! Attend an adoption day and other local events. Organize a fundraiser. Help with the daily operating activities. Let us put your skills and talents to work.

Foster based? This means Midwest Rescue does not have a shelter or facility. We rely solely on caring individuals to open their homes, providing a loving, structured home life for our dogs. Midwest pays for the food, crate and vetting for a dog within our rescue. Fosters provide a healthy, caring home environment, in addition to playing a key role in helping a dog find the perfect home.

This limits how many dogs we can have in rescue at any one time. We can’t accept more dogs than we have homes and funds for.

Adopt? We are looking for loving families and owners to give our dogs the great homes they deserve. We work closely with people to make sure the dog they want to adopt is the right “fit” for them.

Give! We run completely on your donations. Midwest Rescue of Illinois, Inc does not receive funding from the State or Federal government. The monies that people like you donate provide Midwest with the power to save more lives.


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