Please visit the resources below to find ways to benefit your pit bull and Midwest Rescue!

  • Affiliates & Resources


      Outside Chicagoland? Visit to find a pit bull near you.

    • Animal House Shelter

      Animal House Shelter

      This Huntley, IL, no-kill shelter accepts and adopts pit bulls and all other breeds of dogs.

    • delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping 120+ brands of pet food and stuff (for FREE!) while celebrating and honoring the bond, love and connection we share with pets.

    • Frayed Hat Dog Training

      Let Mike Poremba and his 30 years of involvement in positive training techniques, give you the tools to learn how to connect with your dog so training, activities, or just everyday life, are as much fun as possible!

    • Good Search

      Good Search

      Make your search engine choice! Everytime you use it, it benefits our pups!

    • Hendrick Boards

      Hendrick Boards is a leading designer of eco-friendly, handcrafted maple and bamboo skateboard decks and distinctive apparel – for anyone who likes to stand out and make a statement. Based in Orange County, California, Hendrick Boards seeks to showcase an

    • Kuranda Dog Beds

      Kuranda Dog Beds

      Donate a Kuranda bed and make a world of difference for a shelter dog or cat!

    • Rally to Rescue

      Purina ProPlan Rally to Rescue provides invaluable support to rescue organizations nationwide… including ours!

    • Shop PetMeds, a generous donor to many causes!

      1800Petmeds has all of your pets favorite and most needed supplies, including prescription medications.

    • The Anti-Cruelty Society

      The Anticruelty Society has been helping Chicago’s pets since 1899. Find information on local training classes, animal-friendly apartments, and the PitPals Program, which offers FREE spaying and neutering to pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

  • More Information



      AAVENGE is NOT a dog rescue, but an advocacy group committed to the education, prevention and prosecution of the vicious sport of dog fighting. Read about Chief and how his story got this small, but passionate group got started!

    • American Temperament Test Society, Inc.

      The official site for the American Canine Temperament Testing Association. Fascinating reading.

    • Bad Rap

      This San Francisco-based rescue, support, and educational organization offers tons of good information.

    • Diva Dog the Movie

      Enrich your life...with the story of Diva Dog, "the pit bull on wheels" with a heart of gold.

    • Pitbulls In Need of Help

      An outstanding resource. If you want to learn more about the pit bull's history and behavior, go here now! We especially love the true stories of pit bull heroes and how their fighting crime through LawDogsUSA.