Help Us Give Symon A New Start At Life!

Poor Symon. In his first year of life, he’s experienced more pain and trauma than most dogs do in their whole lives. We’re working to change that, but we need your help.

Not only was this little guy fending for himself as a hungry, freezing stray this Chicago winter, he had a medical emergency. He suffered a prolapsed rectum—his lower intestine had slipped outside his anus. It’s a serious, painful condition that requires immediate care.

Luckily, he was caught by animal control and taken to our friends at Golf Rose Animal Hospital where he received a ‘purse string’ suture and great care. But that was just a temporary fix. As soon as the suture was removed, he relapsed. And because he was a stray with no owner claiming him, he needed a miracle.

Despite his situation, Symon managed to charm everyone he met. The amazing folks at Northwest Rescue Network Team began advocating for his rescue. And once we heard his story, we knew that we had to act quickly and pull him.

Since we brought him into Midwest Rescue, we’ve found him to be a goofy, loving, sweet-natured boy. However, he’s had two more prolapses and two more purse string procedures via emergency care—clearly, he needed a resolution, asap. He’s not even a year old!  After a slew of tests, Symon underwent surgery the following day (3/16) and is back in his foster home recovering from major surgery.

But as you undoubtedly know as a pet owner, all this veterinary care is wildly expensive—and we are underwater with his vet bills. (Because this was an emergency, we couldn’t wait until we had all the funds in hand.).  Being a tiny, grassroots rescue, every dollar makes a huge difference!

Symon has a loving foster waiting for him and a bright future in front of him. We, and Symon, need your help now more than ever. Simply put, we can’t do this without you.

Will you consider making a donation toward his care? Your generosity will make a life-changing difference for one very special and deserving puppy. And yes, other sweet underdogs like him.

Click HERE to donate and please spread the word!

We, and Symon, thank you!