Like most rescues, we don’t have a physical shelter. We depend on foster homes to take care of our dogs and prepare them for adoption.

Fostering is one of the greatest gifts you can give a homeless dog. You provide the home and TLC; we provide everything else: food, vet care, crate, and other supplies. One note: you must be willing to bring your foster dog out on adoption events.

Fostering is a big job, but it’s also intensely rewarding. When you open up your home to a dog that has nowhere else to go, you are literally saving a life.

We approach fostering the way we approach adoptions: the dog must be a good “fit” for you, your home, and lifestyle (and vice versa). For that reason, fosters are asked to complete our adoption application to help us learn about you.

Want to help, but not sure you’re up for the challenge? Find out what’s involved. Contact us, or PM us by visiting our Facebook Page!