Giving Up Your Dog


Every week, we receive calls and emails from people who no longer want their dogs. We’ve heard every reason in the book: they’re moving…getting married…getting divorced …having a child…or developed allergies.

Because we are small, and because our mission is to help those pit bulls in most dire need, we are not able to accept pit bulls from owners who simply no longer want them. Please don’t call or email us…we simply don’t accept owner give-ups. If we did, we would not be able to help the dogs who need us most. However, we do have some suggestions for you to help you find a good home for your pet.

Please think carefully before bringing your pit bull to a shelter. Most U.S. shelters will not adopt pit bulls out-they know they don’t have the experience, time, or resources needed to properly place them. So if you take your pit bull to a shelter, know that you are virtually condemning your pet to death-or, if you’re lucky enough to find a no-kill shelter, a lifetime sentence of homelessness.

Most animal rescue organizations will not take pit bulls, either. Most rescues squeak by on limited space and funds. Often, those that accept pit bulls-like ours-have long waiting lists of animals in excruciating need.

Also, please do not use Craigslist as a tool to re-home your dog.  Rescues have very detailed screening, background / reference checks and home checks to best ensure that potential adopters will provide a safe, loving home.  Craigslist has resulted in tragedy for many pets, so please make every attempt to find a way to keep your dog with you.

So, if you care about your dog at all, please reconsider. Perhaps there are solutions that would allow you to keep your pet. If not, then here are some steps you can take to save your dog:

  1. Is the real problem a behavioral issue? Perhaps you feel you can no longer put up with your dog’s barking, accidents, or wild behavior? We have good news for you: with a little training, your dog’s behavior can be corrected. We have professional dog trainers on our board, and they can refer you to a great trainer in your area. When your kids act up, you’d never dream of giving them away…please give your pet a chance!
  2. Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors. Maybe one of them knows and likes your pet and would be willing to adopt it. This would be ideal!
  3. Talk to your veterinarian. He or she may know someone who would make a good owner, or may have some other ideas for you.
  4. Tell your co-workers. Again, there may be someone who will want your dog. However, make sure you know and trust the person before handing over your pet.
  5. Please do NOT put an ad in the newspaper advertising your dog. Your dog could easily end up in the hands of a dog fighter. That is not a fate you would wish on ANY creature, particularly your own.
  6. Don’t wait to the last minute. It could take several months to find your dog a home. But if you care about your animal, your patience will pay off.
  7. You may email us to discuss these options. We are not in a position to take your dog, but we are happy to offer you support and ideas.

Please do the right thing by your dog! Your dog loves, trusts, and depends on you!