If you’re looking for a pup who is chill in the home…lights up around kids…and loves to snuggle, you’ll want to meet Yuki!

We rescued Yuki from Chicago Animal Care & Control in the early days of the COVID-19 shutdown. We don’t know her history, although we do know she has had puppies. She went into heat immediately after we pulled her, and she has just been spayed.

Here are five things Yuki loves:

  • L-o-n-g walks. Although she is not high energy, she can handle a five-mile walk with ease.
  • Love from her people. When she thinks it’s time to cuddle, she will throw her little body into your lap and demand affection. (Her foster mom calls her “the baby.”)
  • People, especially small ones. While the shutdown has limited her exposure to lots of new people, she loves hanging with her foster’s extended family—which includes kids. She is Ms. Congeniality on walks and greets everyone passing by.
  • Sleeping in…no, really. Her foster mom has to wake her up in the morning. (She has one burst of energy after her evening walk, but otherwise she’s pretty low key.)
  • Her routine. Like many rescue dogs, she thrives on structure. Her preferred routine: love, eat, love, walk, love, play, sleep…again!

Yuki has made friends with her neighbor dogs, and may do well in a home with a male dog. (Before moving forward, we conduct play dates to ensure a good match.) She is smart, food motivated, and very trainable. (So far, she’s learned to sit, stay, wait for permission (to eat and take treats), and stop barking.  

When we pulled her, we were under the impression she was about 4. However, the vet who spayed her thought she may be as old as six, which is actually a great age for a dog!)

“Yuki” means “happiness” in Japanese. If you could use more happiness in your life, just add…Yuki!