ADOPTED! We cannot say enough about our lovely four-year-old Vaeda. Vaeda is a sweet, loving pit bull/boxer mix who came to us via her owner who could no longer care for her. Specifically, Vaeda has special needs that required medical attention and it was more than she could provide.

Vaeda was hit by a car over one 18 months ago and her leg did not heal properly. As a result, Vaeda is unable to put weight on her front left leg. As soon as we got Vaeda into a foster home, Vaeda was taken to a specialist. We were hoping that surgery would allow her use of that leg again, but that is not the case. Physical therapy and supplements are helping to support the overall health and strength of the muscles in that leg and we will continue to search for more options to positively affect her progress.

And please, don’t feel bad for Vaeda! Vaeda is the perfect picture of happy and is as active as a dog can be, just ask her doggie foster brother!

Vaeda is good with other dogs, is reported to have lived with cats, and is a soulful spirit who is the best company, she is so easy and delightful to be around.

Vaeda has been spayed, microchipped, is up to date on her vaccinations and is crate trained. She will need a family who is able to commit to continuing with her physical therapy and supplements. This is a requirement of her adoption.

If you think that Vaeda is that missing piece in your life, please fill out our Adoption Application. We would love to chat with you!