What a gentle soul Snoop was! Within just a couple of short years, his family brought Phoebe then Twiggy into their family. These two adoptions were acts of faith. You see, Lynn and her husband had not met either of the girls before they decided to save their lives. Phoebe and Twiggy were on doggie death row and had to be tranported from other areas. It simply was not possible for them to meet the girls, or give Snoop the chance to meet them either, before taking that plunge.

Snoop was a wise soul, a gentle and kind hearted boy who had nothing but love and grace to give those who knew him. We at Midwest Rescue are so very grateful that he welcomed the girls into his doggie life and helped them grow to become the ladies they are today. If we have one dog in our lives like Snoop was to his family we consider ourselves blessed and lucky.

Run free, sweet boy, and know that your memory and legacy will live bright and beautiful through those who remain here missing you. Phoebe and Twiggy will carry such a great piece of your wisdom into their future and should someday it become their turn to welcome another into their lives, your spirit, kindness and patience will undoubtedly guide them forward.

This isn’t good-bye, but until we meet again…where rainbows meet, that place where the sun gathers its rays, and the magic that allows the stars to find their light.