On Saturday, July 13, 2013, we picked Dino up from his holding kennel where he was listed as being on the Urgent List. And that Saturday, we spent two wonderful, fun- filled hours with a beautiful and lucky boy as we drove with him on his Victory Ride to his new forever home.

His Mom and Dad saw our urgent plea to save this big, goofy puppy’s life and without hesitation, promised to give Dino a home and family of his very own.

We handed Dino’s leash over to his new family and with pride and bursting gratitude, we left another life to begin his journey. However, even though he had been vaccinated at the kennel, Dino got Parvo. His family immediately brought him to their vet where he received treatment for several days, and he appeared to improve once back at home. But the severity and intensity of Parvo took this precious puppy’s life on Monday, July 23, 2013.

Maybe you believe in fate, in that meant-to-be event in life that was destined to be. Though Dino’s family has suffered such loss and heartbreak, for they loved him so much and unconditionally in the short time he was with them, we know for sure that Dino was not meant to leave this earth in a cold kennel. Rather, Dino left this world, his little corner of it, a better place and a loved pup.

As for us? Dino’s smiling face, his silly and flapping tongue loaded with puppy kisses, his clumbsy long legs and bouncing gate, and his sweet demeanor capable of nothing but good, will never leave us. We were part of saving an amazing life, and Dino brought his special family to us, a gift wrapped in a promise to love, honor and fulfill a commitment to a puppy in need.

Dino came into our lives for a reason, and for that, we are grateful.