On August 30, 2011, one simple moment took the life of our precious girl, Capri, she was hit by a car and killed. Our world stopped for that moment, and for moments after, and on so many levles, our lives were changed.

As little as she was, her presence was so large in our world. What an impact Capri made wherever she went, with whomever she was with. You see, her main goal in life was to live life to its largest in every way, she would not accept less than what she expected. It’s the dream of an animal that comes true every moment of his/her life, always fulfilled in one way or another.

As Capri had many battles of which she conquered, her personal success amazed even those closest to her. Capri was deaf and arrived to us emaciated, sores and cuts on her body, filled with heartworms and whipworms. But soon she became whole again, her scars healed, her worms died and her spirit rose.

And as for the immense devotion and commitment of both her foster parents and adoptive mom, they allowed us that treasured and renewed faith in people. That kind of unconditional love and perseverance, belief and faith, is so common among our rescue family. And yet, the pain associated with this loss unjust.

Capri’s story started on FB when her foster dad, James, posted that he wanted to save her life, so it’s only right that her life’s tribute is there as well. It is James’ tribute to Capri and the love that created it that will be our farewell to this champion of ours.

And one day, we will come to realize that it’s okay to dance in the rain after the storm has passed, to look up to the sky and smile upon the gates of heaven, to reach deep into the depths of the rainbow as the sun begins its journey back. For it is in that pure and delightful beauty that you will reside. Sweet girl, smile that precious smile and know that it will forever remain in our hearts. We love you, little lady, and we thank you. Shine on, Capri, into that light where only angels are allowed to fly…