Addante, “Donnie”, came to us in March of 2004 and spent the next five years waiting for his someone special to bring him home. His dreams came true in January of 2010 and he spent three lovely months of dream fulfilling time with his new family. Donnie was loved, adored. He slept in bed with his mom, lounged lazily on his couch whenever he pleased and snuggled warmly with his many visitors. Donnie had lots of windows to day dream out of and sunshine to bask in during the day. Thursdays were deemed “Cheesesburger Day”, and you can bet that it was marked on his doggie calendar. Donnie was always good for a laugh, loved to play hide–n–seek with his toys, and could bounce in a way that would shame any tenured Kangaroo! But most of all, above and beyond anything else, Donnie is attributed with having the ability to reside in a person’s heart where very few were allowed access. Donnie had a healing, graceful presence about him, a passion, a kindness and a divine understanding and acceptance of his life, of life in general. Donnie is our angel, he always has been, only now our angel has wings. Even though his life was short lived, and he had only a few short months in a home, we know he fully appreciated every detail of his life and was grateful for the moments he spent here with us.

Rest in peace, sweet boy. We love you, we thank you for the many gifts your life has endowed upon us, and we will miss you every moment until we meet again. Your legacy will be long-lived and the fire of its passion will continue to make a difference in our world of rescue. Your life’s lessons are instilled deep within our beings and your spirit will guide us forward. So hang on tight, our friend, we have many roads yet to travel together!