4 years, 6 months
65 lbs.
Loves Other Dogs
Loves Kids Over 6

When a family told us that they wanted to save a life and pull a dog from a large local city shelter, we jumped on it! And as a result of a quick trip to the shelter, we walked out with this handsome boy, Max!

Max came to us with really bad skin issues as well as infections in both ears. But no worries, his skin and ears have mended and his coat is nice and shiny! Max has been neutered, microchipped and has been fully vaccinated.

Max has been acclimating to living life with a family and is doing really well. Max is estimated to be around 3 years old and likes to keep busy with his family, with playing fetch at the top of his list. At night, Max is happy to snuggle in with his humans for relaxing time before heading off to bed.

Max is crate trained, is very comfortable in his crate and falls quickly asleep at night. Max can be jumpy for attention with adults, he strives to be a part of every activity and has no problem asking to join in. In fact, Max has excelled at assisting in the kitchen and is super proud of his long sit/stays for a treat reward. Continued basic house and manners training will be a positive part of Max’s future to allow him to shine on every level.

Max enjoys taking walks with his humans and will make a good exercise partner. And an added bonus is that Max is excellent in the car and is a good sport at bath time!

Please let us know if you feel that Max would make a good addition to your family and life. We look forward to hearing from you!

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