Loki & Luna

2052 years, 11 months
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Meet Loki and Luna, a bonded pair of sweethearts!

No worries, you’re in the right place! Even though we are a dog rescue, once in a while someone crosses our path and we just need to help. Such is the case with this sweet bonded pair, Loki (orange/white) and Luna.

As parents of any living being, our greatest fear is what would happen to them if suddenly we weren’t here anymore. Such is the case with Loki and Luna’s mommy, Rachel. Loki and Luna tragically lost their mommy due to a medical emergency. All they know is that one moment everything was good in their world. And minutes later, their mommy was whisked away in an ambulance and never came back home.

Rachel left four pets behind, all rescues. Thankfully, their doggie sister and senior kitty sister found homes with friends of their mommy. But not Loki and Luna, and they were running out of time and were to be homeless soon. But as fate would have it, Rachel was a close friend of one of our board members and after bringing this urgent story to our team, Loki and Luna became part of our rescue family.

And how cool is this, they are being fostered by the same family as Dottie and Taz! As you can see, Loki and Dottie have really come to enjoy cuddle time. And though she is a bit more cautious (having lost her mommy, siblings and home in a matter of three weeks has taken a toll on her), Luna loves cuddling with her humans.

Loki and Luna have been with us since mid October. We wanted to give them time to heal and adjust to their big new norm before starting the process of finding them a new forever home. Their shots are up to date, they got a good check up with a thumbs up from our vet. They have lived their lives with a cat-friendly dog and now in their foster home with Dottie.

Loki is around six years old and Luna just around 2 1/2years old. Loki seems to adjust extremely well to new things and new norms. But Luna will take a patient family to allow her to adjust to a new family and environment in her own time. And once that happens, you will have a friend for life!

Loki is a dog-like cat who comes when called, loves to be a part of the action and is his human’s bestest sleeping partner. Loki has Yet to meet a stranger!

Though Luna needs a little time to build relationships with new people, once she does she is a forever friend and will gladly snuggle in close. Luna loves to bat around her cat toys and is sweet as they come.

Loki and Luna are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

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