ADOPTED!   Please welcome the newest member of our pack,  Zora!

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Zora comes to us from a family who rescued her early on from a very bad, dangerous situation. At just a couple months old, Zora was a welcomed addition to her family, including their current female dog in residence. However, as Zora grew and started to “come into her own”, her relationship changed with her doggie sister.  (As many of you know, same gender doggie relationships don’t always work, thus why we typically follow the rule of opposite gender adoptions.)

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This situation was more than Zora’s family was equipped to deal with, so they reached out to us hoping that we could partner with them to help find her a new forever home.

Perfect timing brought a wonderful family to us, they wanted to foster a puppy or young pup. Because Zora is just around one year old, they were a perfect match for one another.

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Our pack grew by one and away we go!

Zora is a champ at training, truly loves the focused attention that training provides, and is smart as a whip! We know that she will shine and be a number one student and reap the many rewards of committed training.

Thankfully, this little girl already has a foster family lined up for her after she receives her intital training, we want to get her off on the right foot (she gave them two paws up after a fun and recent meet-n-greet!).

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as Zora’s story unfolds, but we couldn’t wait to share our new bundle of love and fun with you!