Vader and his sister Leia, the last two remaining of Layla’s puppies, came to us when her owners could not find them homes before having to move due to being evicted from their residence.

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Vader gives “sticky sweet” a whole new meaning and has the ultimate of all pouts (could it be inherited from his Boxer daddy?) This little gentleman does awesome on a leash and is just a delightful submissive little lovebug.

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Shopping spree!                                   Baby bath time!

Though he enjoys romping in the yard and playing with his sister and foster brother, he would much rather snuggle in close for nap time.

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Vader is quickly learning basic commands such as “sit” and “some” and because he’s very treat motivated, this makes training fun and easy. Vader is crate trained, but would much rather be under the covers with a human. He’s laid back little dude and lets his sister and foster brother take the lead then sneaks in to steal the ball or kong when they aren’t looking.

This sweet, fun, calm and loyal little guy will make a great addition to any family!   Vader is up to date on his vaccinations, has been microchipped and will soon be neutered.