I must begin this story by saying yes, I flunked fostering! Url came to my home as a “foster pup” that was supposed to stay only until we found him a home. Little did we know that the home would be mine!

This little/big guy stole my heart from the moment I saw him! From his big floppy ears to his oversized paws, Url came in the door to never leave again.

Honestly, how could you look at this face and not fall in love? Although his body is growing way too fast for him to comprehend–“Dopey” or “Bubba” would have been more appropriate names, given his personality, but hey GO BEARS!

Url is not my first pit bull and will not be my last, because I, like many others, have found my breed! They are the most loyal, spongy (as in love bugs) companions I have ever met and still they always come out as the underdog. Although pits need more help then any other breed, time and time again they do prove to be one of the best breeds ever. It’s dogs like Url that prove all of the mean and hateful things the media and press say about pit bull are oh-so wrong!

I just want to thank organizations such as MWR for existing and believing in a cause to help these innocent little pups get a second chance in life! Thanks to people like you, families like mine are touched and changed forever!

P.S. Url thanks you too and sends wet puppy kisses…XOXOX