Sometimes, good things come in BIG packages!

Tyler, a large pit bull mix, came to Midwest Rescue via a Chicago-area Animal Control unit. He had been found running loose in the streets with two other puppies.

Animal Control contacted his owner and asked him to pick up his pet. But rather than pay the required fine, his owner abandoned Tyler.

Most animal control facilities are overcrowded. As a result, the majority of abandoned pets are euthanized. But a kind animal control officer intervened, thinking that—with a little TLC—Tyler would make someone an excellent pet. Enter Midwest Rescue!

When we first took charge of Tyler, he was extremely malnourished (we could count his ribs!). His fur was falling out in handfuls. He had a whopping case of intestinal worms.

Look at the big guy now, and you would never know it!

We made sure Tyler got the medical care he needed, as well as the affection he deserved. Tyler healed and began to thrive. With his sweet, endearing nature, he quickly became a favorite of our volunteers.

We brought him out on many an adoption day, but no one wanted to take him home. The problem? Topping the scale at 110 lbs., he was just “too much dog” for most people. No one could see past his size. Months and months went by, and Tyler languished at the kennel.

But then one fateful afternoon, everything changed.

Sometimes, a shopping trip can yield more than you bargain for. One day, Tyler’s soon-to-be Grandma walked into PetSmart to buy a fish. Tyler happened to be there that day. This nice lady couldn’t resist coming over to pet him…then calling her three sons to come meet this wonderful dog.

Just a few hours later, they were filling out an adoption application! It was, quite simply, love at first sight. Three men and a pit bull…Tyler found his home!

Today, Tyler lives with his new dad, Phil, and his adoring two uncles. His doting Grandma lives close by, as well as an extended family of friends. Tyler has a big house and a lovely backyard that will soon be fenced in, so he can romp around. The big guy is a serious romper!

Tyler’s family has showered him with love and with toys. Entering the home, you follow Tyler’s trail of rope toys…Kongs…football Kongs…and ball collection. (Tyler quickly took charge of the futon in the family room and has claimed it as his bed.) Not bad for an oversized orphan that came THIS close to being euthanized!

Now, all visitors are greeted by Ty’s smiling face and magnificent wagging tail. He greets you—standing tall, proud and happy—from his post at the top of the stairs.

Tyler’s doggie dreams have all come true. This once unwanted, “too-big” dog found a family of loving hearts just as big as his own!