Twiggy and Phoebe

Check this out, two happy tails for the price of one! Here are the combined stories of two very lucky girls that found their home, and places on the couch, with one very incredible family.

Lynn and Jerry adopted Bess, now named Phoebe, and what great people they turned out to be. Mind you, they never met Phoebe prior to us dropping her off, just adopted her and any possible baggage that came with her. They did the same with Twiggy. Never met her, just saw her picture and both Lynn and Jerry decided they couldn’t let little Twiggy die.

Just days later, on a Saturday afternoon in a parking lot, Lynn and Jerry signed papers for the newest member of their family, and they brought her home!

But I think the pictures show that everyone found their places in the pack. Unfortunately for Phoebe, Twiggy’s is right smack dab on top of her!