This handsome little boy, Sprout, is quite the little charmer and loves to give kisses.

At just a little over three years old, Sprout is learning how to become social boy, not just with people but with other dogs.  Being a stray can be scary, but Sprout is quickly learning that the world is fun place and full of neat surprises!  He is smart, eager to please, and quite athletic (we’re guessing he’d excel as an agility dog). As much as he loves to play and tumble, he’s also happy to chew quietly on a bone and stretch those long legs out for a snooze.

Sprout and his mother, Ivy, were picked up together as strays and remain together in the same foster home. Their foster family reports that they have truly come to depend on each other’s company, whether wrestling or snuggling.  Therefore, we are hoping they will be adopted together.  Just think about it, it’s twice the love!  What’s not to like?