ADOPTED!  It isn’t every day that a small rescue like ours gets a 911 call like this.

We received notice from a volunteer that two pit bulls were dumped in a forest preserve. Thankfully, the neighbors whose property backed up to this wooded area rallied around this male/female duo and kept them fed and watered.


The local animal control was notified and soon took action. They set up a trap and Scarlett was the first one in. She was immediately taken into their care, but had a limited amount of time to find rescue. Animal control facilities are not properly equipped to adopt out large numbers of animals, so Scarlett’s days were limited.


Sadly, not only were Scarlett and her mate dumped, it is obvious that she recently had a litter of puppies. This is the tragic reality of backyard breeders. Once the “puppy makers” lose their worth, they are either killed or abandoned like trash.  We loaded up supplies and a small search team to make sure that there were no puppies, you just never know.  To our relief, there were none to be found.


And because our volunteer formed a bond with the neighbors involved and with the animal control officers on the case, we were able to quickly get involved.  Once we found out that Scarlett’s time was limited, we made a trip to meet this girl. And after spending time with Scarlett at the animal control facility, we decided that she was ours.


Two days later, we pulled Scarlet and immediately took her to our vet.  Outside of a whopping double ear infection, our girl was healthy.  Scarlett was microchipped, brought up to date on her vaccinations and has been spayed.

15380644_10154683696428758_2488982974669002123_n    15037276_10211452285051272_2384765783240243843_n

Scarlett is a little stunner with a huge pittie smile (her coat is a tawny buff with blue undertones).  Our once timid girl is now an outgoing bundle of love, and is nestled safety into a foster home with human teens and three doggie siblings.  Though Scarlett will hang by herself, she prefers snuggling close to one of her foster family members or doggie sibs.

15171019_10211517901491642_7426162994163501559_n      15232086_10211518226619770_8511976080109739573_n   15095077_10211452284371255_283124638560407712_n   15202568_10211517902011655_7058868469110599590_n

Scarlet is playful and sassy and has become a confident, lovely girl.  She must not have had many reasons to trust people in the past, but now she knows, without a doubt, that humans are kind. She is fast to train her humans (one must know how to give good belly rubs, right?), already knows “sit” and “down”, and has a love for all treats, which makes training a breeze!

15578614_10154711572813758_4106872299407705119_n    15171305_10211517905611745_2991435545816855288_n

Not all dogs can survive the elements of the woods, the heartbreak of being dumped and forgotten, but our Scarlett did.