We just want you to know how much we adore our precious princess Sally!

Sally is adapting well to apartment life. She does her best to determine if a noise is worth barking at. Our friends and neighbors have accepted her into their hearts…she has become the official Queen of the building!

Our neighbor Derek is a delightful three year old who lives down the hall. Derek is autistic. He and Sally adore each other. We wonder if that may be one of the reasons the universe allowed us guardianship of Sally–to help Derek in his world.

Meanwhile, our cat Junior is doing his best to tolerate Sally. Our beloved Jazz was older and more mellow, but Junior is having a little trouble adjusting to Sally’s rambunctious style.

Sally is the cutest, funniest kissiest puppy! Her desire to bury her bones and treats is a bit of a problem for her–due to the fact that we’re on the third floor! However, she’s dealing with it as best she can, and we regularly find Scooby Snacks tucked in corners and hidden under pillows. We bought her a rawhide bone her first weekend with us. It has yet to be chewed! Sally lovingly carries it around the apartment and “buries” it.

Another thing that cracks us up is her “hopping.” When she barks, her front legs come off the ground. When she’s playing, she’ll toss her toy in the air and hop after it. After a rough day, a good laugh is just what we need, and Sally never fails us. Jeff wonders if she might be part “springer” spaniel!

Sally’s kisses are the best. She puts her paws on your head and kisses every part of your face. It’s better than an exfoliation treatment! We think she still might have bed dreams, because she wakes up at one or two a.m., but then remembers where she is and goes on a delightful kissing frenzy. She is such a snuggly puppy, she loves sleeping under the covers with her heads on the pillow. (Naturally, we indulge her.)

Actually, we’re not sure who rescued who! Thanks again for bringing us together and the wonderful work you do.

Carol & Jeff