ADOPTED!  This is Sally, our new lovely two to three year old Adopt-A-Bull, a stray who quickly became a favorite at a local animal control facility. Because of our formed relationship with their team when we pulled Scarlett, they reached out to us with another life-saving plea for help.


Sally had been at the shelter since February, which put her life in danger. Their kennel was full and in order to make room for newcomers, the lives of long-termers like Sally, were placed in danger.

But there are Good Samaritans who work in the field, those who advocate relentlessly for the homeless at their facilities.  And thankfully, one of these angels reached out to us to save Sally and we couldn’t say “no”.

With this plea for help came a ready-to-go foster family who would not only give Sally a great home, but who immediately began to ask for funding to help Sally’s chances to be saved.  Because of this, Sally has been tested and is heartworm negative, up to date on her shots and has already been spayed.

During her time at the kennel, Sally had done great at public events and because of her tolerant and awesome personality, had even become a tester dog with newbies coming into the kennel (Sally was introduced to new kennel dogs to help the team learn about their personalities). Sally worked hard and has earned/proven her right to live, she didn’t deserve to die.


Sally has been at her new foster home for a couple of weeks now, and has fast become friends with her foster doggie siblings.  And though Sally has a healthy respect, and yes fear of them, she is bound and determined to win over the two cats in residence.

Midwest Rescue is fast growing, and with that growth has come some really neat support and beautiful connections!  If you are looking for an all around awesome dog, Sally is the one for you!