As many of you know, Saki has been with Midwest Rescue for a number of years, patiently waiting for her special someone to “pick her” as the dog of their choice.  Well, that time has finally come for Saki and she’s having the time of her life.  Saki needed to be the only pet in her home, and she is just that.  She has people who adore her which include a huge extended family that comes over weekly to participate in family time.  Of course, Saki is included in the family activities and gets extra TLC and walks from the bunch.  Saki has many windows to look out of (she is an active member of the Neighborhood Watch program), lots of quiet time basking in the sun, many choices of comfy napping spots to choose from, and a great, big back yard of her very own.

Saki continues to bring laughter into the world and in spite of her long journey of waiting, still has the most patient and kind heart in town.  Congrats, Saki, on your new life!  Your doggie dreams finally did come true, now it’s time to start living your life as the Queen of your very own castle!