ADOPTED!  This lovely 10 year old beauty was adopted from us over 10 years ago as just a puppy.  Sadly, Roma was returned to us on her 10th birthday.   But thankfully, after a short period in boarding, a couple reached out to us to make Roma a part of their family until she found her forever home.
And as you can see, Roma has a deep love for a comfy couch, snuggles and nap time and her trademark masked face only adds more charm to her awesomeness.
12                18301295_10155034844306391_2961759738914555721_n
Roma is in true form, a grateful rescued dog.  She has bonded immensely with her foster mommy and daddy, the sun rises and sets on spending time with them.  Roma will make an amazing addition to any family and because she does have some arthritic activity, teenage kids and older would be best.
13             DSC_1704
Roma is fast to let you know she is hungry, thirsty or has to go potty with a quiet, little “woof”.  And if you don’t take heed, this girl will turn up the volume until you respond.  She’s quite the character!
Roma loves her special green ball and when you put a treat inside it, she’s occupied for a long time.  She loves her puzzles!  And you can’t forget about her love for her babies, she still has the original ones her foster family got her.
 18301242_10155034844301391_7452194876565451541_n                        DSC_1706
We feel that Roma will do well with a doggie brother, one who is mellow and just as enamored with napping as Roma is.
But her favorite thing in the whole world are butt scratches.  She will literally give a person her backside to help encourage her favorite scratches.  Roma knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to ask for it.
If you have a soft spot for seniors in your heart and a place for a new best friend in your family, Roma is the girl for you!