We posted Renegade, a pup on death row at a local high kill shelter, with just hours to live.  His number came up and he was slated to die at 5pm, he needed a miracle!

14712796_10210511994819070_6381136243411386693_o     14711220_10210512000939223_1424652533136986758_o

And a miracle is what he got!  We received a request to foster this boy and with less than four hours left to save this life, we hit the ground running.  And at the end of the day, Renegade beat all odds and is nestled safely in his foster home.  He likes to help his foster mommy cook meals, he has become quite the helper!

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We are still learning about Renegade, but what we know so far is great.  Try as he may, he just cannot resist a good game of “dog chases cat”.  So for now, he would do best in a home without felines.  As far as other dogs are concerned?  He lives with two other dogs in his foster home and has quickly become a natural part of their doggie pack.

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He’s also currently enrolled in doggie class.  Our student is a fast learner and a teacher’s favorite!

15267721_375631999452623_1639154593446810555_n      15220128_375631989452624_7572664436213097091_n

Renegade is learning basic house manners and basic training with his awesome foster mommy and daddy.  He is fully vetted, neutered, microchipped.  Bottom line is that Reni is ready for his forever home!

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We know that Renegade was saved for a reason, they all are.  And we’re excited to be a part of this great boy’s journey!