Devon & I knew we wanted to get a dog, but we had concerns…

We lived in a small apartment in the city without a yard. So there were space considerations, we were also concerned about noise since we lived in a building with others. Neither of us had ever considered adopting a pit bull. After completing an online survey, we found pit bulls listed at the top of our list, and learned pit bulls are more concerned about spending time with their families then having a lot of space in their home.

So after researching rescue groups online we found Midwest Rescue! The volunteers were wonderful and helped us find the perfect dog based on our life style, and that’s how Payton came into our lives!

We were going through a lot of life changes: buying our first home, moving, planning a wedding, but our life just didn’t feel complete without a dog to call our own. After months of talking to the girls, many play dates, & walks at the forest preserve, we fell in love with Mr. P!

Now Payton has lived with us for five months, although it feels more like years. He knows who Mommy & Daddy are and has made his adjustment to his forever home beautifully!

We owe everything to the board members Julie, JJ, & Deb. They love Payton just as much as we do and truly gave him a second chance at a happy life. They were also patient with us as we learned a wealth of information. We firmly believe education should be a MUST for every dog owner, but especially for Pits who have been negatively portrayed in the media. Most people have preconceived notions with out ever having met a Pit.

We can’t say enough good things about Midwest Rescue or about our experience with them, they are a small passionate rescue that has touched our hearts forever.