Ring the bell…it’s Marci! On second thought, let Marci do it herself. This gorgeous girl is so smart, she rings a bell to let her foster mom know when she needs to go outside.

Marci is a smart, affectionate, comical young dog who was born on April Fools’ Day, almost four years ago.  She is active and athletic and loves to romp and go for walks. See that sparkle in her eyes? She’s a bit of an imp, not to mention a major flirt!  But there is the sweet, cuddly side of Marci too.  Just rub her belly and she will immediately let you know her vast approval and appreciation.  Marci loves to carry her babies around with her, squeek her snake for her own amusement and snuggle under the covers.

Marci and the rest of her litter were orphaned at 2 weeks old. The pups were hand-raised by people. The upside is that Marci loves human companionship and is terrific company. The downside is that she lacks doggie social skills, because mom wasn’t around to show her the ropes. While she gets along just fine with her foster sibling, it’s touch and go with other dogs.

As a result, Marci needs an experienced handler who is willing to work with her and continue her training in an only-dog home. She’s an awesome dog who’ll become even more awesome in a loving, structured home.