Mack is a happy, bouncy, compact boy with a gift for making people smile. He is good-natured and loves to play and cuddle.

When he’s not busy being a goofy puppy, Mack has an endearing old-soul quality. For example, when we brought him in for a vet check the day that we rescued him, he met a family saying goodbye to a beloved pet. Seeing their grief and tears, he went over to comfort them, offering kisses and head butts. He’s a sweetheart.

As a puppy, Mack was passed around from owner to owner, none who were in a position to do right by him. We’re grateful we were able to bring him into our rescue before he fell into bad hands.

Although he is otherwise healthy, Mack was recently diagnosed with focal (or partial) seizures, which manifest as subtle facial, head and body twitches (like fluttering eye movements) and getting weak in the knees. Under our watch, he’s had two seizures—which stopped once he got on medication. At some point, he may be able to wean off maintenance meds. However, there’s no guarantees, and his forever family must be 100% committed to meeting his medical needs. About 5% of dogs have seizures. (His meds currently cost $35-45 every 6 weeks.)

Mack is crate-trained and housebroken, and his foster family is working with him on obedience training. He might do well with a laidback female dog (he loves his foster sister). He is not a cat fancier.  He also needs to live in a quiet neighborhood, where he can walk with few distractions. He will not thrive in the hustle and bustle of the city. And while he loves kids, because he is bouncy, he’d do best in a home with kids 8 and up.