Lulu is a sweet, well-behaved pocket-pit mix looking for a special home. She shines in social situations and makes an outstanding breed ambassador.

She’s obedient, smart, and great around kids and cats. She gets along with most other dogs. She rarely barks, loves her crate, and walks well on a leash.

Her family gave her up when her mom developed severe asthma. (Until then, her best friends were a small child and a cat.)

Lulu is 4-5 years old, but is frequently mistaken for a puppy because of her small size and dancing eyes. At just 43 lbs., she thinks she’s a lap dog. Her hobbies include sun bathing, cuddling, ball, and practicing tricks. (She not only ‘high-fives,’ she ‘high-tens’!)

So why hasn’t she been adopted? Because she also has special medical needs, primarily Addison’s Disease and allergies. They’re well controlled with meds, and she lives an active, happy life. However, most adopters pass her over upon learning this.

We know that there’s someone out there who will know this makes her more deserving of love, not less so. Lu just hasn’t met them yet. Could it be you?