Lily, was rescued by her parents eight years ago.  Her dad was at work when he heard a co-worker say that a breeder was going to euthanize a puppy because “she wasn’t perfect”.  Imagine taking the life of a puppy because her coloring was not show quality!  Sounds foreign to us dog lovers, but might have held true for this girl if her dad hadn’t stepped in.  One phone call to her mom-to-be and Lily was home that very night.

Lily has been a funny and interesting little adventure ever since. From puppy age, she has danced to her own drum. She has an independent streak, and if she could, would spend the entire day lying in the sun on her backyard hilltop, or curled up on the floor in a sunny patch streaming in through the window. She does love to play – just not very rough and not very long.  Lily is up for a daily walk and the occasional game of catch, though she prefers soft chew toys. Lily is loyal as the day is long, and at the end of the day, loves a good petting and plenty of love. She’ll curl up on her bed to sleep after she is covered with a blanket and tucked in.

It’s so hard to predict what life will bring from day to day, or even how we will respond to it.  And sometimes we find ourselves in a position of having to make hard decisions.  As parents, this couple had to make one of those decisions as they just found out that their baby son is severely allergic to both of their dogs and needs to live in a pet-free home.  Lily and her four year old brother need to find new homes, and we are partnering with this family to do just that!

Lily would be best suited in a home where she is the only dog, or with a low activity level dog to match her easy temperament.  Lily would do best with older children who will allow her to lounge in her yard, on her patio, anywhere she can catch a few rays.

Lily, is up to date on all her vaccinations and has several months of Heartgard and flea/tick prevention to ensure that she is protected when starting her new life.  Lily will also bring her collar, leash, bowls and favorite blanket for snuggle time with her.  Lily does shed periodically, but has easily managed short hair.

In the winter, she cannot spend more than a few minutes in the cold as she gets stiff and sometimes painful.  After several trips to the vet, and many x-rays later, it’s just eight years of life slowing her down.  But as you can see from her pictures, Lily’s smile is from ear to ear, and her ears stand straight up at attention, sure to catch every peep and sound!

We know that this is an all around hard situation, an emotional one, even for those reading Lily’s stories.  But it is our goal to help find them great homes, where they will be loved and cherished.  Lily has known no other home or family, this is going to be hard on her.  We need your help more than ever to find her a new home(s); places and families who will appreciate them for who they are; fun, loving, and loyal.