Leo is a sleek, athletic, two year old Pitbull/something (Basengi? Ridgeback?) mix who was grabbed off of doggie death row not a moment too soon! This compact little dude, right around 50 lbs. is full of unconditional love, enthusiasm, and energy. He is playful and good with other dogs when properly introduced. He is great buds with his doggie cousin and thoroughly wears her out when they have play dates!  Leo is also happy to entertain himself with a ball or toy when his people are busy, but his favorite place to be is snuggled up close to his foster mom!

Leo is extremely sweet and eager to please…he just wants to love you. And talk about “Hugabull”, this little man is it! He wraps his arms around your neck, stares you intently in the eyes, snuggles close to your body and gives hugs and kisses. He knows his basic obedience and is fully housebroken. He is neutered and up-to-date on all his shots.

From what we see, Leo would make a terrific agility dog or jogging partner. You should see him try to play frisbee: he hasn’t quite got the timing down yet, but he loves the flashy jumps and flips (Hey, Leo, you’re supposed to catch it)!