Killian (aka “Red” for obvious reasons) is an affectionate, well-behaved boy who loves giving kisses. Killian is on the smaller side, around 50 lbs, with bright eyes and a striking red coat.

Killian loves car rides and loves to play ball. He is quite the gentleman on a leash and loves our group walks in the forest preserve. One of his most endearing habits: when he “woofs” softly in excitement, his front legs hop off the ground in unison as if to emphasize his point (“hey, let’s get this party started!”)

Although Killian is full-grown, he has a playful, puppylike demeanor. (Often adult dogs get overlooked by adoptive families, which is a shame because they make the most amazing companions. They just need a chance to show their stuff!)

Killian is very good with children, so he’ll make a great family dog, but would do best as a treasured only pet.

Killian came to us with a broken heart. His owner was soon to be married, which is a happy event, right? Yes…except there was no room in their new life for Killian. Killian’s owner packed up his few belongings, said goodbye, and off he went. Killian was left behind, trembling and terrified.

The good news is, this sweet guy has blossomed in the short time we have had him. Please help us write his happy forever ending!