Even though he’s just a puppy, Jett has had a hard journey in his short life, but he’s finally ready for his forever home!

One of our volunteers reached out to us wanting to save the life of a shelter puppy on death row. So, after spending several hours at a local high kill shelter, Jett took his freedom walk out of the building and began his road to recovery.

However, Jett immediately showed signs of being sick and after an emergency trip to the hospital that next day, we found out that Jett contracted the canine flu while being at the shelter. Thankfully, his foster mom and dad were able to keep him in isolation for three weeks and with medicine to help him heal and lots of love to comfort him, Jett fully recovered.

Jett has since been brought up to date on all his shots, has been micro-chipped, is neutered and is crate trained.

As you can see, he’s an incredibly handsome, black and white, 40 pound, 7 month old bundle of energy, always dressed to impress with his tuxedo-like coat.

Jett is always smiling and his tail never stops wagging!

Jett currently lives with a female pit bull mix, a senior cat and a four year old child. Jett is a fast learner and is quickly learning puppy manners and has begun basic training.

As a matter of fact, Jett doesn’t bother kids’ toys or other people stuff like clothes and shoes, he’s happy and content with his doggie toys.

Jett is an all around great puppy who will make a fun addition to any family!