I found Midwest Rescue when I decided that I needed to start volunteering at an organization that was important to me. Their “Pocket Pit” Jersey quickly caught my eye.  Of course, all the girls were very encouraging that I just meet her – just to see! Well, I didn’t even get that chance before I found out that Jersey needed to be placed in a temporary foster home. What she thought was her forever home hadn’t worked out.  We had our reservations about bringing a new doggie member into our family since we have our own 90lb Pit Bull, Owen, who had a broken leg when he was only 4 months old (he’s still a very special needs dog). But curiosity got the better of me and we had a meet and greet with the two kids and not only did we fall for her, but Owen seemed to have found his new best friend. Jersey literally tired him out to the point where she had to nudge him just to see if he was ok in the mist of his playing exhaustion! We were sold! Well, on the fostering part anyway!

As easy as it was for Jersey and Owen to get along, it wasn’t quite as easy for Jersey to adjust to the new house, being in a crate, and to Greg. But within a month she decided that if Owen is in the crate, she is ok to be there too, and since Owen is content with the house she was too.  And since Owen was in love with Greg – of course she had to be too!

What was the turning point that made us decide that Jersey was here to stay?  It took Owen going to a solo nail trim for us to realize that there was no way Jersey could be without Owen, or maybe we had just realized that we couldn’t be without Jersey. She literally cries the second Owen leaves the house without her and doesn’t stop until he returns, only to be greeted by a shower of kisses. Jersey has made such personality breakthroughs and seemed to have found the spunky puppy that was still inside her, we had to make her Owen’s littler sister – and finally give her the forever home she deserves.

Jersey now has brought extra light into our life. I have never seen a dog so happy to see you at any point in the day, even if she just saw you. So, no matter what your mood or how awful your day was, she makes it better. Her little tail goes up and down just by talking to her, and just loves to cuddle and snuggle right into your arms. And the best part is, she smiles, yes a real smile. When she gets really excited and happy her mouth turns up into a smile and you have to think to yourself – it doesn’t get any better than this!

Greg Spiewak and Alison Furca