Henney was one of three pit bulls who were given up by their owner. Yet another tragic story of how the economy is affecting not only people, but the pets left behind. His two senior stepsisters were saved by an independent rescuer who just could not let them die in a shelter.

But that left Henney. Being a six year old pit bull, we knew that his fate at a shelter would be extremely short lived, especially where he came from in Indiana.  Too many dogs do not leave animal control facilities or local pounds alive.

How can you look into those eyes of Henney and say “No”?  Well, we couldn’t and neither could his new Mommy!  Check out Henney’s very own Happy Tail!

From Henney:

“I have been trying to write this for a long time, but mom doesn’t leave me alone with the computer because I chewed up a bunch of things when I first arrived.  I guess that’s fair, though I did promise not to do that anymore…  Anyway, I want to let you know how I am doing and how much I appreciate the love and care you gave me while my mom was following her heart to me. 
I remember the day I first met my mom, she drove all the way out to Vernon Hills just to meet me.  I could tell she was special as she approached and I used all my charms with her…I gazed into her eyes, I laid at her feet and then I went to my new grandma and I put the moves on her too.  I knew if I got Grandma on my side I would be truly home free!  Little did I know I’d also have to charm Gigi, mom’s other dog, but let’s face it, girls like a funny guy – and I’m pretty funny!  Since my new baby sister has such a sweet demeanor, being accepted by her was a piece of cake too. Next I met my grandpa, he was a push over!  You know us cool guys have to stick together.
Since I have arrived I have been loved like never before.  I’m not complaining about the guy I lived with, but he was a guy and having a mom is way different than hanging out with a buddy.  My new mom spends a lot of time with Gigi and me.  She talks to us too.  She said I’m a great listener, that’s because I know how to be an active listener, I cock my head from side to side and use my eyebrows to let her know that I am interested in every word she says.  Unlike my sister I continue to listen even if I think I see a bug – Gigi always runs off if to investigate bugs.  I think my skills have something to do with my age, I’m more mature that Gigi, but she will be a good listener too, one day… (I think). 
Mom is great, she lets me sleep anywhere I want, on the nice dog beds, the couch, her bed – really anywhere I want.  Sometimes if I ask nicely she even moves to let me sleep where she was sitting. There is nothing better than a warm spot on the couch.  Before bed you will often find mom sitting between me and Gigi on the couch.  Although she likes to read while sitting with us, sometimes I’d rather have her attention so I wiggle myself onto her lap and she gives up trying to read.
Life is good.  I have a great sister to play with, walk with and snuggle with (okay, I am still working on snuggling with her – I think I may have grumbled too much to her when I first arrived so she’s not sure about cuddling, but sometimes she will let me cuddle for a couple of minutes, and that’s progress).  Oh, she also shares all her treats and toys with me!!! Proof that Gigi’s the best sister ever! I have a grandma and grandpa who adore me and another wonderful aunt who loves me.  I’m getting to know two other doggie friends –big German Shepherd dogs, who live with grandpa.  We are slowly spending more and more time with each other, mom hopes we can all hang out together on Christmas – she said that would be a great gift for her.
I love my life and I want to thank everyone at Midwest Rescue for everything that was done for me and for helping me find my furever home.  And to my special crazy aunts, I will love you always!”