It’s unbelievable but poor little Finn started his life chained in a closet.  And even worse, that was beaten and barely fed. Luckily for Finn a group of teens heard about Finn’s pitiful life and jumped into action. These teens scooped Finn up and contacted Midwest Rescue to help this little man find the home he deserves.

Finn is a wonderful little boy. Sweet and gentle, he has the spirit of a puppy. Finn loves to chew on toys and longs to be a part of the family. This little boy is just aching for human touch.

Finn has a wonderful furry coat that has begun to shine now that he’s gained weight with the proper nutrition and feeding schedule and has landed in a loving foster home. Finn walks well on a leash, enjoys running and chasing leaves on a windy day.  He’s been around a yippie little Chihuahua, other small dogs and a cat and has done just fine!

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