Faith and two sisters were found tied to a tree in an alley abandoned and left to die, not to mention that is was freezing cold out! Faith and Paige survived, but sadly the third sister didn’t…her injuries were too severe. Faith and Paige were brought to Animal Control and remained there waiting for rescue. Their holding period was up and they were going to be euthanized within a few short days. Midwest Rescue was contacted to see if we could help these two babies (and three others!). However, since we don’t have an actual facility, we had no immediate place to put these sweethearts. Not a problem because Kelly and her family were more than happy to give these two girls a foster home until they found their forever places in life. Faith’s sister Paige was first to go (read Paige’s Happy Tails here, too) but Faith remained right where she started out. And little did everyone know, she was there to stay!

“Faith (as we call her Fathie or Faith-a-Roo Roo) has one of the most “lovabulll” personalities a dog owner can find. Faith came to me as a foster dog and was even afraid to go outside…I had to drop treats down the driveway and street to teach her how to walk on a leash; now Faith lives for walks.
Faith limped alot when she first came to us. Xrays showed us that her leg had been fractured in two places, most likely by a person hitting her leg with a bat or other heavy object. Because her leg had already begun healing, it was safer for Faith if her leg was allowed to continue healing on its own, and that it did! These days her leg does not stop Faith. Faith loves anything as long as it has to do with chasing tennis balls or cuddling. Faithie loves all people but can be a bit crusty when meeting new dogs; when slowly introduced she does fabulously with them. Faith has a few dog friends in the neighborhood who she loves to play with; one is an old time golden retriever and the other is a boxer.
Faith lives with Chris, myself and our 4 year old daughter Lily along with 2 furry kids and one furry foster kid. Our daughter and Faith absolutely love each other. Faith’s extended family absolutely loves her and the spirit she has, but Faith is partial to her grandpa and my nephew. These two men are her tennis partners; they throw the ball and she retrieves it.
Because of Faith’s loving personality and never ending tail whipping affection my goal is to have Faithie be a therapy dog.”

Being a therapy dog, Faith will truly have a kinship with those she will serve. She has her very own story of physical challenges to share, but one with an ending of conquered celebration!