A trip to a local animal control facility to do a meet and greet with potential adopters ended up with us bringing a sickly puppy to safety.

Here’s how it happened; as we were leaving from the meet and greet, a last minute request to take photos of a puppy that had been there for the past week and post on our FB page brought us to crate that contained a tightly curled up puppy laying on newspapers.  When we approached and called out to him to take photos, we immediately were shocked at the fact that this little man was trembling and shaking violently, had a suspicious head bob and a periodic flinch.

After examining this little puppy, the E.R. doc reported that Evan’s shaking and flinching was a result of being in extreme pain, most likely coming from his neck.  As a matter of fact, she had never seen a puppy in as much pain as Evan was that night.  He could not be touched without flinching from the pain.  He was immediately placed on pain pills and released to us the next evening. The possible causes were many, but when he was taken to a neurologist a couple of days later, we celebrated the news that there were no outstanding neurological issues that he presented to her that day.  Evan remained on pain meds for a short period of time and has since been on his way to healing, with his foster family keeping a watchful eye on him.

To say Evan is small is an understatement and honestly, it just doesn’t get any cuter than this six month old, 21 pound package of perfection.  In just a few short weeks, Evan has learned to sit and give paw.  And we are proud to announce that Evan is doing well with his potty training.

Evan has a little way yet to go before prime time.   In the meantime, we will continue to learn more about Evan and keep you posted!