Dozer is about 2 years old, healthy & neutered. He weighs 87 lbs. He walks beautifully on a leash and responds to commands. He’s housebroken and appears friendly with other dogs and has successfully played with a family member’s dog.

How gentle is he? Well, his best bud is an 11 month old baby. (We got to observe a precious moment: the baby toddled directly onto both of Dozer’s front paws, and his response was to gently, silently move them out of his little guy’s path.)

Dozer was found as a hungry stray in the Yorkville area. He charmed his way into the home of a wonderful family, but unfortunately, their landlord won’t allow them to keep him very long. They would if they could; they adore him, and vice versa. He’s clearly been loved and well trained.

More about Dozer:

  • He’s just had his vaccines and been checked out by the vet. He’s in excellent health.
  • He particularly loves his Daddy rescuer, who has been working with him on training & commands. (Dozer is freakishly graceful & might be a good candidate for agility training.)
  • He likes the water! He has gone for several impromptu swims. If you like water sports and are looking for a dog to share your enthusiasm, he’s the one.

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