It took some persuading to let Cassie come to our house. After losing my dad in March of 2008, we all were looking for someone else to love. Never having been pet owners, we were all unsure of adding another member to our family. But once she walked through our doors, we knew she would never be anywhere else!

Cassie came to us as Millie, a hyper and friendly girl anxious to explore new territory. My dad’s favorite fishing spot was Cass Lake, Minnesota, so it was only fitting we name our new girl something special! It has been six months and she feels completely at home. Thinking she is a lap dog, Cassie snuggles ON TOP of us as we watch TV and eagerly watches out the window for her neighborhood friends to pass by on walks. She loves playing tug with her ropes and we have recently discovered that she loves snow!

Cassie is smart, playful and incredibly affectionate. You can’t come near her without a lick or two…or ten. While we were the ones who first rescued Cassie, it was she who truly rescued us. She can’t replace my dad but she sure finds a way of making our days. She can be a brat at times but she is our princess and she knows it too!