Capricho is around four years old, is a beautiful red brindle boy, has ears with outstanding character placed perfectly on his big-lug of a head, and has proven to be a really easy-going boy. He has thoroughly enjoyed his forest preserve walks and we found out is a LOVER of hotdogs (already a chip off the ‘ole block!)!

DSC_2196            DSC_2323

Capricho has a serious skin condition that has been responding beautifully to antibiotics. We have seen a noticeable difference in just one week. We are so very grateful for this. He spent the last year with a family where he was abandoned after his owner asked they hang on to Capricho for a couple of months. Capricho’s owner never returned and thus began the search for a forever home for Capricho. That’s when and where we came in and so begins Capricho’s journey for his forever  home

DSC_2247           DSC_2270

Capricho is up to date with all his shots, is heartworm negative, has been microchipped and will soon be neutered (hopefully we can find him a foster home to recover in).