Everyone has a best Buddy, right? Well, Red and Loki have theirs now, thanks to their mom, Samantha.

We received a plea from a rescuer that there were three sweethearts who needed immediate help. Not to worry, although truth be told, we were sweating bullets for a short while, all three found safety!

Thanks to a wonderful volunteer, she used all of her contact avenues to post these three pups and sure enough, found homes for ALL THREE! Samantha saw his picture and immediately contacted us stating that she just had to save this boy. And save him, she did!

It’s really something how connections are made..when asked how Buddy was doing, and how her two dogs in residence were doing with a new little brother, Samantha said that it couldn’t have gone better. She knew in her heart right from the beginning that Buddy was to be her boy.

Buddy is spoiled rotten, spends his time playing with, cuddling with and grooming his doggie siblings. Buddy is right where he was always meant to be…and lovin’ it!