It’s shocking when you think about it. A puppy just three months old found wandering the streets of Chicago in freezing temps, trotting beside his mommy. It makes you wonder how this could happen.

The hope for stray animals is that there is an owner who is searching for their pet and that they will be reunited.  That the ending will be a happy, even joyful one.

Sadly, this is usually not the case for many stray pets and after being found by a police officer, little Blu and his mommy ended up stranded in a high kill facility where the dog flu is rampant.

Though they were just there less than one week, little Blu started showing signs of upper respiratory distress. It is only by chance that we found him huddled in the corner of his cage. He and his mommy had been separated the day before because she was showing signs of resource guarding. It was the right thing to do for his safety, but hard on a baby in such a stressful environment.

As we were preparing to leave the shelter, we noticed that there was one more area that we had not yet visited. It was locked and though we had to wait for a shelter worker to let us into the room, boy are we ever glad we did!

Blu’s foster daddy saw him in his cage and that was the beginning of the end of Blu’s days in doggie jail.

Blu is safe and is now being treated for his upper respiratory condition. He is on antibiotics, and because of the potential of having the dog flu, will be in isolation for a few weeks until he is cleared.

But we don’t think that matters one bit for Blu. He gets a lot of one-on-one attention and has the comfort and space to rest and allow his little body to heal.

After he is cleared, Baby Blu will get started on his vaccinations, will get neutered and micro-chipped.  After that, our little boy will begin his journey of finding his forever home.

And by the way, if you’re an Elton John fan, Blu’s foster family named him after Elton’s song, “Blue Eyes”. Pretty neat, if you ask us.