ADOPTED!   We love it when people step in and take action.  It isn’t easy to bring a stray dog into your home when your house is already full, but that is what Birdie’s Good Samaritan did.


When walking her two dogs one morning, a stray pit bull approached Diana and her pack and followed them home.  Diana took Birdie in, gave her a much needed bath (of which Birdie LOVED) and immediately reached out for help to find Birdie a new home.  We courtesy posted Birdie and sure enough, one of our volunteers fell in love.

So, we made plans to meet this beautiful girl and when we left, we had one more passenger in the van with us.


Honestly, we could not have been more pleasantly surprised by the greeting we received when we first met Birdie, body wags and all, welcoming us.

10289858_10208762915939512_6491188110505522220_n          14264182_1477425562273121_454532754905496534_n

Miss Birdie officially became a part of the Midwest Rescue family!


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You always wonder what the stories are of our rescued pups. And with Birdie, it’s no different.

13557898_1414475045234840_7465550586161920575_n         14680542_1517962781552732_8142580086666104029_n

This 4 – 5 year old girl knows how to give paw, sit and is super affectionate. Birdie loves a good game of tug, is described as a “funny girl” by her foster mommy, has a gentle way about her and is a really neat snuggler.  Birdie loves to burrow under the covers at night and bask in the sun by day.  She has been doing great learning lady-like leash manners, loving her daily walks.  Simply put, Birdie is a delightful companion.

12805856_1345682715447407_2721540597813509824_n        13439096_1414475188568159_4069535169437924660_n


And, as you can see, with the right introductions, Birdie is open to making new doggie friends.  This handsome boy is one of her favorite neighborhood buds.

14068252_1459067957442215_969611621198308150_n    14046126_1459068990775445_7614063830433639948_n   14068093_1459068727442138_1291002345900122878_n

Birdie has been spayed, microchipped, up to date on all vaccinations and is crate trained.  The only thing missing from her life is a forever home!