Big Boy


Big Boy was rescued twice over, but we promised him this would be his last! Big Boy was tethered outside and not taken care of by his original owners and was soon taken into safety by his second owner. But this person eventually abandoned him, too. When neighbors found out that Big Boy was left to fend for himself, they quickly stepped in and gave Big Boy a wonderful home. As heart breaking as it was for this couple, they knew they couldn’t keep Big Boy as they were already in the process of moving into a home that would not allow this gentle pup to live with them. Having just hours to spare before making the devastating decision to relinquish Big Boy to a local shelter, a temporary foster offered to take him for the night so other arrangements could be made.

Needless to say, just minutes later, Big Boy was on his way from Springfield to Chicago. He is currently residing in a local boarding facility and getting some much needed rest. We are excited to have the newest member of our rescue family with us, but know that because he is such a dream boat, he will soon find his forever home. Big Boy is a one in a million pup who will make a fantastic addition to any family. He is a gentle, kind hearted soul who just wants to be close to a new best friend. Take a look into Big Boy’s beautiful brown eyes… …it’s like coming home!