It isn’t every day that a boy like Berlin is saved.  Being pulled from a high kill shelter, being one of the lucky chosen few, really is miraculous.

Berlin’s story all started with a FB message from one of our foster moms the afternoon before her previous foster puppy was going to celebrate his “Gotcha Day”.  The message was simple and to the point, “I think I’m getting that itch again.”

Well, that itch came with a really cute face and in just 24 hours after her proclaimed message, we had a new Midwest Rescue pup!


This volunteer had been following Berlin’s post on the CACC Transfer Team page and when his status was changed to “urgent”, he tested positive for the doggie flu, the team at the shelter became worried.  And so did a very anxious foster mommy.  He had already been there for over 30 days, which is considered a long time.  His luck was fading and time was running out.

He’s a really good boy who did wonderfully on his leash test meeting other dogs, which makes our hearts happy. He had been at this high kill shelter for around one month, which is pretty long for their standards. Being sick and a long termer didn’t equate for a happy ending for this boy.


That is until our volunteer’s heart was tugged by Berlin’s fuzzy face. And because she is a person of action,  she and her family ran out to meet Berlin the very next day and when they left, they left with a really happy, sweet puppy at their sides.

The really neat thing about the timing of it all is that Jett, their previous foster, celebrated his Gotcha Day the day before and in less than one day,  another life was saved.

Sometimes the best things happen when we follow our hearts, take that leap of faith and do.


Needless-to-say, the meet went well and after a bath, dinner and some lovin’, Berlin nestled into bed for what was probably the most restful sleep he’s had in some time. One that doesn’t entail sleeping on cold cement.


Berlin’s foster family is able to keep him isolated from their current pets, so the fact that he is flu positive, is not an issue in their home. That in itself is a rare gift.  They are all set up for Berlin and now begins his battle to overcome his illness.  He will begin treatment in a couple of days and once he is cleared after three weeks of rest and relaxation, he will be neutered, microchipped and brought up to date on all his shots.


This lucky stray tugged at the heartstring of an angel and her family and we can’t wait to find out more as he settles in.


For right now, Berlin will work on getting better and we’ll start working on his happily ever after!