Since we’ve rescued Sunshine—maybe a lab/pit mix?—she’s been continually overlooked for other “more pitty” looking dogs. So, please take a minute to show her a little love!

This gorgeous girlie has great house manners and is a wonderful walking partner. She can keep herself occupied with toys and chews—and if there’s one thing she loves, it’s a good sunbath. Oh, and treats. Bring on the treats!

Sunshine is a study in contrasts. Her foster mom reports that she is often a total goofball, a prankster who goes out of her way to make her laugh with her silly moves.

At the same time, Sunshine can be fearful around people, and takes quite some time to warm up to new people. While we’ll never know her backstory, we suspect that she was abused, and although she’s healing, it still haunts her. We’re working with her, and she’s gotten more confident in her current foster home but still meets strangers with lots of barks and is quite standoffish.

Sunshine is crate-trained, housebroken and healthy. While she can be great around some dogs, she can be a knucklehead around others, so she would do best as “an only child” in an adult home. No kitties for this girl! She would do best in a quiet adult home.

If you’re looking for a sweet dog who will be a loyal, loving, constant companion…if you’re drawn to the ones that need a little extra love and understanding…please consider our beautiful girl. Please note, you will need to be very patient to adopt Sunshine. She will require a lot of meet and greets, you to be gentle and tolerant, and you must be willing to move at Sunshine’s pace.