This Happy Tail has been three years in the making! Allie was adopted out as a puppy from Midwest Rescue, but was soon removed from that home. During a surprise home check, we found her tethered to the kitchen sink. Needless to say, we took her back into our safe hands.

Do you believe in fate? We do. We received an on-line application from a family that showed interest in our Allie. When we pulled up to the house, Allie’s welcome committee was sitting in chairs on the front lawn, including their two cats. That was the start of sealing the fate for our Allie.

Allie now lives in her own home with Rosemary and Reno, her Mom and Dad, Brooke and Tyler, their two children and yes, two cats.

Allie falls asleep every night to the crackling of a fire until it is time to go up to bed with Mom and Dad. Her days are filled with walks, ball chasing and running errands with Mom and Dad.

As Rosemary and Reno continue to tell us, it is as if Allie has been a part of their family and lives forever, that she is an old soul of whom was just waiting to come home.