Aidan, found wandering the streets of Waukegan, was picked up an Animal Control officer when he was about 10 months old. He was extremely underweight, but even half-starved was as sweet as they come!

His caregivers named him after the actor Aidan Quinn because of the lovely color of his eyes. (Yes, he is quite the hottie!)

Aidan remained at Animal Control for more than two months. His “number” had come and gone several times, but the officer that found him wouldn’t allow him to be put down. She saw something special in him and knew that he deserved to live—and the chance to find a forever family.

Meanwhile, we posted Aidan’s photo on the Midwest Rescue website, crossed our fingers, and hoped for a miracle.

It came! Aidan’s future Mom and Dad just happened to be browsing our website. Mind you, they weren’t actually looking to adopt a dog. They had just had to put their beloved pittie Tyler down a few weeks earlier due to kidney failure. They weren’t ready to let another pup into their lives.

…at least, that’s what they thought.

But then they saw Aidan’s photo. The rest, as they say, is history.

Before they knew it, Aidan’s future Mom and Dad arranged to meet him. At once, they knew there was a place for him in their family. But there was one thing that had to happen first: Aidan had to be successfully introduced to Sasha, Dad’s Rottie in residence.

A couple of weeks later, the couple packed Sasha into the car for a rendezvous with Aidan. Initially, there was a little mutual growling, but nothing serious. And very quickly, Aidan and Sasha became fast friends.

And so Aidan was brought to his new forever home. Aidan suffers from severe Separation Anxiety, so it took a little time before he felt comfortable. But Aidan is as brave as he is beautiful—and he quickly embraced his wonderful new life.

Today, Aidan lives with his sister, Freckles (also a Midwest Rescue pup—read her story next), Charlie the three-legged cat, two birds, a turtle and a fish. He sleeps on a queen size bed, and has the run of his big back yard. Today, Aidan—the dog whose number was almost up—is loved beyond his wildest doggie dreams.