Life doesn’t always start out smoothly, at least not for a puppy left with no food, no water and no heat in an abandoned building. But Abby’s story ended up being a happy “tail” to tell. And now this charming, playful puppy is in need of a loving home.

Midwest Rescue was at Aberration Tattoo Shop in South Beloit attending a fundraiser this team threw for us to help raise some much needed funds. And wouldn’t you know that just as the evening was winding down, one of the tattoo artists came into the shop and proclaimed that there was a Pit Bull puppy left in an abandoned house. It was barely 10 degrees that night, too cold for any creature in our eyes so we knew what our next step was…go get that puppy!

And get her we did! However, it wasn’t long before her family-to-be saw her posted on a friend’s Facebook page. What started out as a few innocent questions about Abby ended up in an adoption! Abby was made for her new family and is the happiest puppy around!